May 21 2014

Accidents in Construction Sites

Constructions sites are among the most accident-prone places. Every year thousands of workers are injured and hundreds of them are killed in construction zones. The leading cause of fatalities in constructions sites are from falls, being struck by falling or swinging objects, electrocution and caught-in/between objects. According to OSHA, 806 people were killed in construction sites in the USA in 2012. Of these, 279 died as a result of falling, 79 were struck by objects, 66 were electrocuted and 13 were caught-in/between objects.

Other common construction site accidents include fires, explosions, chemical spills, a crane collapsing, motor vehicle accidents, defective tools and machinery and defective safety equipment. The types of accidents vary according type of construction and the nature of the construction site. For example, in a building construction site, the most common accident is falling from a high distance, usually the upper floor of a building. Regardless of the type of accident, all construction site accidents are potentially fatal.

Most construction site accidents happen because the owners or contractors neglect to take adequate safety measures, such as putting up signs and markers at proper places. Although OSHA has very stringent worksite safety rules to prevent accidents, contractors often ignore the rules to cut the costs. As a result, a lot of people end up getting hurt or killed every year.

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