Accidents Involving Children



There is nothing more tragic than a young child suffering injury at the hands of careless or reckless driver in Austin, or in an establishment where employees have ignored or created a dangerous condition for a young child.


Many times, our office is contacted by a distraught parent whose child has just suffered serious injury. Parents are often at a loss on how to proceed, filled with grief as their child is coping with pain.  The personal injury lawyers at Funk and Associates in Austin, can help.


Advocating for the injured child

The personal injury lawyers at Funk and Associates have vast experience dealing with cases involving children. Whether it is a car accident, or an incident around town in Austin, let our accident lawyers take the reins and hold the responsible parties accountable.  Our attorneys conduct a thorough investigation, speak to witnesses, secure vital records, and monitor your child’s recovery from start to finish.  When the doctor ensures your child is healed, our lawyers will prepare a comprehensive package for the insurance company, detailing the incident and demanding a fair and just settlement.   Many cases settle, however, if the settlement is not a fair one we would recommend that we file suit on the matter.


The injured child’s settlement

After fighting the at-fault parties for a fair settlement, the lawyers at Funk and Associates will take additional steps to ensure the recovery is fair and adequately compensates the child for their injury. We do this in several ways, first, we request a Guardian ad litem (or GAL) be appointed by the Court.  A GAL is simply a neutral party who reviews the work done on the case and gives their recommendation to the Court.  The GAL is often another lawyer.


The Court Registry

If the GAL approves of the work done, he will notify the judge and request that the judge approve the settlement for the child. When the settlement is approved, the settlement will be deposited in the Court’s Registry, which is like a bank to safely hold the child’s money, until the child turns eighteen (18).  We usually recommend structured college plans, or if the sum is large enough , spread the money out over a longer period of time.


If you or your child have been injured in a car accident in Austin, or in an establishment where employees have created or ignored a dangerous condition, call the personal injury attorneys at Funk and Associates today! We are ready to fight for you and your child’s future.