The most common intentional act we see in our firm are assaults on individuals.  As you read in the previous section, liability is usually not the concern in these cases.  Finding a deep pocket defendant who can pay for your injuries is the issue.  It has been my experience that most people who are the aggressors and start a fight, usually don’t have much to lose; ie; they have no money.  Its rare to find the multi-millionaire picking a bar fight, although alcohol does some strange things to people.

A more complicated assault is the intentional car accident.    In theory, if someone intentionally runs into you with their vehicle, even if they were insured, their insurance company can argue that intentional acts are not covered and could refuse to pay your claim.  It is imperative that you hire an attorney in these matters so that the claim can be properly investigated.   The best statement you can give the insurance company is the one you never give.

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