Sep 20 2016


Austin is booming. It is the live music capital of the world, hosts numerous major events every year, is home to a prestigious University, and has steadily grown in population for the last decade. So it is no wonder distracted driving has become a major problem on Austin roads.

Distracted drivers are a real threat on the roadway, often causing serious and sometimes fatal car accidents in Austin. The Austin personal injury attorneys at Funk and Associates are here to help.


There are many ways a person can become distracted inside a vehicle. Examples include:

• Day dreaming;
• Changing the radio station;
• Rubber-necking (looking at accidents on the side of the road); and
• Turning around to discipline kids in the back seat, just to name a few.

However, by far the most obvious and frequent, distraction inside a vehicle is the use of cell phones while driving. Talking on the phone or texting can be a major distraction inside a vehicle. The number of car accidents in Austin due to cell phones had risen so much that the city of Austin passed a law making it illegal to use a phone while driving in 2014.

Austin City Ordinance No. 20140828-041 made it illegal to drive a car while using an electronic device such as a phone or iPod, unless the device can be operated hands free.


Distracted drivers are often involved in violent car wrecks in Austin, because they are not paying attention to the road while usually traveling at high rates of speed.

If you are injured in a car wreck in Austin due to a distracted driver, call Funk and Associates now. Our attorneys deal in Austin car wrecks involving distracted drivers.

When you are injured in an Austin car wreck, our attorneys will investigate the facts, demand the cell phone records and fight for justice. We are determined to get injured victims in Austin the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

You need an Austin car accident attorney who knows the law and can use that knowledge to fight for you. You need Funk and Associates. Call now.

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