Austin Injury Attorney

Injuries are life changing events.

Whether you have been injured in a car accident or in any other way, the pain is tough to explain or fathom.  Eighteen weeks ago, I was playing a family game of soccer at our family ranch.  Without notice or warning, I badly tore my lateral meniscus.  The meniscus is the thin fibrous cartilage that acts as a shock absorber for your knee.  Most meniscus tears require a simple arthroscopic knee surgery where they excise (cut to form a clean edge) to the meniscus.  Well my tear wasn’t a simple one; I almost severed the meniscus.  I’ve always said, when I do something, I do it all the way!

A wonderful local Austin Orthopedist performed my open knee surgery two weeks later.  The meniscus required 8 internal stitches and the surgery went perfectly…The recovery was a different story.  I will spare you the agonizing week that followed the surgery; lets just say it was easily the worst week of my life.  After 30 days of crutches I was cleared to walk on the knee.  Physical therapy followed for about two times a week.  Yesterday, was my first day back on Town Lake where I was cleared for my first slow run.  It was a liberating run which I shared with my beautiful wife.

Many of our clients have gone through knee repair surgery following a car accident.  These injuries usually occur when the forces of a car accident jam the driver’s foot into the brake, gas, or floor board.  We have seen a variety of foot, ankle, knee, and hip injuries as a result of these accidents.

I feel your pain!  Call our Austin injury attorneys and we can discuss your legal rights.