Bad Drivers in Austin

Austinites like to think we have the best of everything Texas has to offer. We have the best live music, we have the best BBQ, and we have The University of Texas, the best college in the state, and the best hiking and biking trails around.  But there is one thing most of us can agree we have the worst of, bad drivers.  The Austin American Statesmen just recently wrote an article highlighting a study which said just that.

But just how bad are Austin drivers? What makes driving and the drivers in Austin so unbearable?  Could it be the booming population?  The abundance of college aged drivers?  The never ending Mopac and Interstate I-35 construction? The curious and perplexing I-35 double decker design? with Perhaps it’s all of the distracted drivers?

A recent study by QuoteWizard set out to determine which cities had the worst drivers. They created a metric using various incidents and the factors which caused them to compile rankings.  The various incidents included but not limited to:

  • Running red light
  • Accidents
  • Cell phone usage
  • DUI

Using this information they ranked 75 cities in the US from worst to best, meaning the lower the number the worse the drivers are in the city. The study ranked Austin as having the worst drivers in Texas (30th overall in the nation).  Other Texas cities rounding out the study include San Antonio at 48th, Dallas at 55th, Houston at 60th, and El Paso at 64th.  Unfortunately these bad drivers can lead to car crashes which can lead to injury or death.  Texas, consistently has had a higher rate of accidents resulting in death than the rest of the nation.  Our track record of accidents involving drunk drivers is no better.

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