When is the best time to hire an Austin Car Accident lawyer?

When is the best time to hire an Austin Car Accident lawyer?

You need a car accident lawyer when you are seriously injured as a result of another person’s negligence.  If you are not hurt in an accident, be very thankful and simply have the insurance company fix your car and move on with your life.  Thank your lucky stars that you were not injured and go and buy a lottery ticket; it was your lucky day.

If you are injured, you should seek immediate medical care (ER, family doc, etc).  Your next call should be our office to understand your legal rights.  Do not give the insurance company a statement.  Do not post photos of your accident on social media or discuss your accident with your friends.  All these posts/discussions can be considered “party admissions” and the insurance company can use your statements/posts/discussions against you.

Why shouldn’t  I negotiate with the insurance company myself?

Insurance companies are in the business of three things:  1.  Taking our monthly premiums (they never say no to consumer’s money)   2. Investing that money to increase their rate of return.  3. Paying your claims when their insured is at fault in an accident.

It makes logical sense that if an insurance company pays more money out in claims, they make less money; and vice versa.    So you can’t fault an insurance company for trying to pay you very little on your claim….But you can level the playing field.  You do so by hiring an experienced car accident lawyer who can get you a fair recovery for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, etc.    The call is free and so is my consultation.  Call me now and I will be glad to advise you of your rights.   512-472-3865.