As a personal injury lawyer in Austin, our office receives many calls from people involved in car accidents in Austin due to failure to yield the right of way.


Right of way simply means that one vehicle’s path has precedence over another vehicles path on the road.   For instance, if you are traveling straight down a main road and another vehicle is turning off the main road onto a side road, the turning car must yield the right of way to the car going straight.  They cannot turn in front of oncoming traffic unless the coast is clear.


This seems straightforward. However, problems arise when there are multiple lanes with the right of way, traffic congestion, or a number of other factors.  One of the biggest issues our office encounters with right of way cases is when a person involved in a car wreck in Austin says, “the car waived me through.”


Even if someone waives a car through an intersection, they must still yield to every other lane of oncoming traffic before making the turn. For example, if there are three lanes of traffic, and two lanes waive a car through, but the third lane does not, the turning car still had a duty to yield the right of way until every lane is clear.


The confusion created by some cars waiving someone through, and other cars continuing their path with the right of way tend to result in major car wrecks in Austin. The drivers usually collide at high rates of speed and are completely unprepared for the vicious impact.


If you have been injured in a car accident in Austin due to what you believe was a failure to yield the right of way, call the car accident lawyers at Funk and Associates now.


The car wreck lawyers at Funk and Associates know the legal duties of drivers in Austin, and how to prove who had the right of way. We will fight to enforce your legal rights and secure you the compensation you deserve for your injuries due to the other driver’s failure to yield.


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