Nov 04 2014

How are car accidents in Austin impacted by the rain?

As I write this blog, a severe rain storm is heading toward Austin. This storm carries with it much needed rain for our drought stricken area, the risk of flash floods, and also the increased risk of being involved in a car accident.

Of the total weather related crashes, 74% occur as a result of rain.  The majority of rain related car crashes in Austin occur due to poor visibility, poor traction on the road, and hydroplaning.  The easiest way to avoid these rain related crashes is to slow down.

The most amount of car wrecks we see come right after the rain starts. This is due to the grease, oil, and lubricants littering our Central Texas Roadways.  Since our Austin climate experiences long rain free periods, when it first starts raining all these greasy substances are washed from the roadways.  This decreases traction and coupled with poor visibility, causes the most amount of car accidents.

Slow down, have good rubber on your tires, and try to limit your rain drive times, and you are sure to decrease your odds of getting in a car accident.  If someone else didn’t heed these warnings and was negligent in a car accident, call our office immediately and I will advise you of your legal rights.

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