Car Accidents during the holiday Season.

Car Accidents in Austin and across the country occur more frequently during the busy holiday weekends.

Drinking and extra travel tend to create this terrible equation.  Here at Funk & Associates we have represented many victims of drunk driving accidents.  The car accidents range from simple rear enders, Failure to Yield the Right away (at a light, stop sign, lesser street, or driveway) , protected and unprotected left turns, and head on collisions.

The result of such accidents come with life altering injuries such as broken bones, soft tissue injuries, paralysis, and sadly even the wrongful death of a loved one.  Figuring out if your case has merit, is a job for a qualified Personal injury attorney.  Do NOT try and tackle this yourself.   What you may think is an innocent discussion with a friend or an insurance adjuster, or a simple social media post,  may turn into a “party admission” which CAN/WILL be used against you in your civil case.

Accidents are what we do!  Why not get the advice that you and your family need from an experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer?  I will personally speak with you and I will analyze your case over the phone.  All you need to do is call.  Thank you.

Attorney Funk