Car Wrecks

Now that the Thanksgiving holidays are behind us, we can breath a little easier. The next set of holidays are fast approaching and the stress of holiday shopping, increased traffic, and more family than you want to deal with, are putting all Austin drivers on edge. Stressed out drivers who are hurrying to go places can be careless and negligent in their daily routines. Carelessness causes car wrecks and car wrecks cause injuries. These injuries can have a devastating effect on one’s life. In my career I have counseled thousands of car accidents victims and I have seen first hand the devastation a car wreck can cause.

Not all car accidents result in surgery or catastrophic injuries. A low impact accident can result in soft tissue injuries and can have a life changing impact on your job and family. All injuries are important! An injury is a nagging reminder of a traumatic situation. You are reminded of that trauma every time you feel that pain. Hence, you relive that trauma daily, if not hourly. Reliving trauma takes its toll on you mentally. Reliving that stress is known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD can affect your personal mental state which in turns will affect all the people near and dear to you. This can include your friends, work colleagues, and most importantly your family.

Two things can help ease PTSD. Medical care (mental and physical) and Time. The more time goes by after a car accident; ie; the more you are exposed to a safe car/traffic/driving experience, the more at ease and accepting you are of a car/traffic/driving experience. You become desensitized to the trauma you recently faced.

In addition to time, medical care will ease your pain and that pain will not be a constant reminder of the traumatic car accident. So getting physical care through chiropractic, physical therapy, orthopedic doctors will both heal your body and eventually will help ease your mind. Severe injuries or catastrophic wrongful death cases usually result in mental scars that needs psychologists, psychiatrists, and sometimes medication to handle.

Do not take your injuries lightly. Do not think the insurance company is your friend, no matter how nice the adjuster seems to be. Call us and level the playing field. We are here to help. Funk & Associates.