Car Wrecks in Austin

Car wrecks in Austin are never any fun. It wasn’t your fault, and now the insurance company is treating you like YOU are the one that is at fault. It was their insured that caused you to lose your car, have a stiff back, and have anxiety while you drive. Sound familiar?

Sadly, this is a common theme that I hear almost every day. For 15 years, I have fielded thousands of Austinites’ calls just like these. Every day when I think I have heard it all, another insurance company trick is revealed. I am amazed that these tricks still work, but they have for decades and continue to work every day.

Don’t make these same mistakes; Hire a lawyer! I don’t care if its me or someone else, as long as you don’t go it alone. Remember, you are the victim in this accident! An insurance company should fix your car or pay you for the value of your total loss, pay for all your medical bills, and pay for your pain, suffering, and mental anguish. Don’t forget to also think about your own Personal Injury Protection coverage. It doesn’t raise your rates, and if you have it, you better use it. Call us today and I will be glad to advise you of your legal rights for your unfortunate car wreck.