When should you file a lawsuit for a car accident?

When should you file a lawsuit for a car accident? At Funk & Associates we settle the vast majority of all cases that come through our door without ever needing to file a lawsuit. Having said that,  there are many cases that don’t settle due to the insurance companies’ stubbornness, liability facts that must be proven, or our client’s pre-existing injuries and require us to file suit.

We take the filing of cases very seriously at our firm. The average case can take anywhere from 1-3 years to see a courtroom, many of which will settle at mediation.  The financial commitment in case expenses can be quite costly as well.  Some case expenses include, depositions transcripts, videographer costs, mediation expenses, expert reports, trial exhibits, travel costs, accident reconstruction renderings, day in the life videos, etc.  The process includes  Request for Disclosures, Request for Productions, Request for Admissions, Interrogatories, depositions, expert reports and depositions, mediations, and finally trial.

Without giving the insurance company our playbook, I hesitate to write too much of our process, case expenses, success rate, time line, strategies, etc.  What I can say is that there are certain things that must be done, early on in the process, which if done correctly can significantly reduce the need to file a lawsuit.

There are many people who attempt to handle these cases on their own. I find that to be a serious mistake.  Usually when clients handle one case on their own, they call us the next time they have an accident.  I encourage you to read our online reviews.  When your electricity shorts out in your house; do you tinker with your breaker box? Of course not, you call an electrician or handyman.  Why  would you tinker with your legal case?  Call a qualified lawyer dealing in such matters.  Call Funk & Associates.