Find a lawyer in Austin

When you are looking to find a lawyer in Austin, you need to ask yourself some important questions:
1. What kind of lawyer am I looking for? Most lawyers have areas of laws that they primarily deal in. I would discourage calling a “jack of all trades” lawyer. How much expertise does a lawyer practicing Real Estate law, Family law, and criminal law have in personal injury cases? At Funk & Associates we deal in personal injury cases, period. When you are hurt in a car accident or other injury cases in Austin, you need a lawyer with the expertise and knowhow of the trade and local practices.
2. How much experience does that lawyer have in that type of law? This is where you may hear my voice on our TV ads, “Do the research”. There are a variety of places you can do the research. Some smart research options are reading online reviews, talking to friends, visiting the lawyer’s website, but nothing beats talking to the lawyer himself/herself. If it were me, I would interview at least three lawyers and see what they have to say. Are you getting a lawyer on the phone? How quickly did they call you back? How did they sound and did you trust them? What is their fee? How long will it take? What does you gut tell you? Funk & Associates has been handling car accidents in Austin for 15 years. I have spoken to tens of thousands of Austinites about their legal rights. If it’s a case we can take on, I will get on the phone with you (usually right away) or within a few hours of your call (if I am out of the office).
Choosing a lawyer should not be something you do quickly or hastily. It should be though out, deliberate, and the legal services should match your needs. If you are hurt in an car accident and you are not at fault in the accident, call my office and I will speak to you about your legal rights. I want to help, that is the reason I entered into the legal profession. Thank you. Attorney Funk