How insurance companies determine settlements?

As a personal injury attorney in Austin, I am frequently asked the same question in virtually every car accident case:

How does the insurance company determine how much money you get in a personal injury settlement?

While the answer is too complex to discuss in one article, there are some general areas that can shed some light on the topic. Car accidents in Austin are all different. No one case is alike, so there is no general “formula” for how settlements are made.  To complicate matters even further, every individual will respond different to the same circumstances, making things even more complex when evaluating a case.  For instance, Joe, a 35 year old male who was rear-ended at 40 mph may very well have completely different injuries and damages than Jane, a 30 year old female who was also rear-ended at the same 40 mph speed.  Furthermore, Jane may miss work due to her car accident in Austin, while Joe is unemployed, so although he cannot work due to injury, he has no job to go to.

So how do you evaluate their claims? The answer is, you do so individually, on a case by case basis.This is a difficult task that is best handled by a car accident lawyer in Austin. The personal injury attorneys at Funk & Associates have years of experience evaluating claims and determining damages to pursue for their clients.  These damage models are vast, so it is important to hire a car wreck lawyer with experience in Austin to handle your case.

The car crash lawyers at Funk and Associates can identify your special damages, in the form of medical bills, and your general damages in the form of pain & suffering and mental anguish, as they relate to you specifically, and your individual car accident in Austin.  Our car crash lawyers know every collision is unique and every client is different, so we will discuss the case with you to identify where the collision has impact your life, and how, and craft your damages accordingly.

The personal injury attorneys at Funk & Associates will draft a detailed demand package that outlines all of our clients different damages related to a car accident in Austin. The insurance will then evaluate the demand package our firm sends them and issue an offer based on the identified damages our firm has found.

This is why it is vital to hire a car accident lawyer from Funk and Associates, when you are involved in a car wreck in Austin. They will demand fair settlement for your case and fight for your damages.

Having discussed this, many clients will want to know, what a “demand package” is, this is a topic that will be discussed in future articles, so check back soon.