I35, those 3 characters will elicit anxiety and negative feelings in almost any Austinite.  It seems as though I35 is never ending work in progress.  Whether it’s due to the slowdowns at the I35 construction in South Austin near William Cannon, or the curious upper level and lower level decks of I35 north of downtown, Austinites spend plenty of time stuck on this major US Highway. 

Aside from the drivers from areas like Georgetown, Round Rock, Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos who commute to work in Austin, another reason this roadway is constantly busy is the fact that the I35 corridor nearly runs from Mexico to Canada.  Due to its location, I35 is essential to both intrastate and interstate shipping of goods by 18 wheelers.   Nearly all goods shipped from Mexico begin with an entry into I35 shortly after crossing the international border.  Whether its construction zones, work commuters, 18 wheelers, or just good ole fashion Austin traffic, accidents on I35 are unfortunately a common occurrence on this stretch of highway.    If you or anyone you know are injured or killed in an accident on or along I35, call Funk & Associates right away.