Nursing Home Abuse (Elder Abuse)

A large portion of the population is now considered in their retirement years. The increased need for nursing home services coincides with the increasing aging population. These facilities are meant to serve as a caring environment to these elderly people, providing them with the medical and personal care they deserve.

Sadly, many of these nursing home facilities do not meet these expectations and the patients suffer from different types of abuse.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is just one of the several federal agencies that oversee these facilities. They monitor the services and care that these facilities provide and work closely with state and local agencies to try and ensure that these patients receive quality care.

However, they are not always successful. Many patients suffer from abuse. This abuse can be in physical, such as dehydration, over or under medicating of patients, falling injuries, physical abuse, bed sores, aspiration pneumonia, and even gangrene.

Less thought of abuse that often occurs includes: being left unattended, improper or missing medical care, theft of property, coercion to sign over assets, sexual abuse, and mental abuse. While not the only forms of abuse that can occur, these are the most common and can lead to severe injury or death of the patient.

At this time, nursing home abuse claims fall under the non-economic damages cap in Texas. This places a restriction on the amount of money that a person who is injured in this manner can recover. At our Austin personal injury law firm, we feel this is an injustice to our older generation and encourage you to contact your state legislator and voice your opinion on how this law hurts the elderly.

Funk & Associates is currently accepting cases for extreme nursing home abuse cases only at this time. It is our hope that by representing these disadvantaged clients, we can make a difference in their lives and potentially stop this type of action from occurring in that facility again.

If you or a loved one has experienced nursing home abuse, contact Funk & Associates today at 512-472-FUNK.


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