Personal injury Auto Accident

If you had an electrical short in your house, would you try and fix the breaker box yourself? If you needed gallbladder surgery, would you repair that yourself?  If you had to replace your engine manifold, would you do that yourself?  Unless you have specific knowledge about a subject or profession, most people would not attempt these feats on their own; they would contact an electrician, a doctor, or a mechanic.

So why on earth would you try and negotiate your insurance claim by yourself? This has mystified me ever since I started practicing law 17 years ago.  I have looked at tens of thousands of cases through the years and I am still amazed when people start the legal claims process on their own.  Once you take that first call from that adjuster, the value of your injury case has instantly been significantly devalued.  All calls are recorded and you won’t even know when the insurance company adjuster has tricked you into divulging something that would hurt your case…that is their trick.  You won’t see it coming.  I think I have heard every trick in the book and then I wake up and hear another.

You may not need a lawyer for your claim, but for goodness sake call a lawyer and find out your rights. We are here to answer your legal questions regarding your personal injury auto accident.  The call is free and the representation is on a contingency basis.  What do you have to lose?