Setting up a claim


When you are involved in a car wreck in Austin, it can quickly become overwhelming. There are a ton of questions that will flood your mind…. Who do I call? Do I need a doctor? A lawyer? How do I get my car fixed? How do I get please without transportation?

The stress and anxiety can mount up at an alarming rate and leave you feeling defeated.   But, do not worry, the personal injury attorneys at Funk and Associates can help.  You are not alone.

The car accident lawyers at Funk and Associates have experience handling all aspects of your car wreck claim. We will take the stress and frustration off of you, and take on the burden of dealing with the insurance company.

Our car accident lawyers will:

  • Contact the Insurance Company on your behalf;
  • Set up the personal injury claim;
  • Obtain the Police Report;
  • Interview Witnesses;
  • Get you to the right doctors who will only get paid at the end of your recovery;
  • Inspect the scene of the collision; and
  • Hold the at-fault party responsible for their actions.

After a violent collision, we know our clients need to focus on their medical treatment and coping with their injuries.  The personal injury attorneys at Funk and Associates will fight the insurance company battle for you, so that you may focus on your health.

If you have been injured in a car wreck in Austin, and feel like you are in over your head with the giant insurance companies, call Funk and Associates now! Let our personal injury attorneys in Austin fight for you!