Trucking Accidents

Sadly, trucking accidents have become a common occurrence in Austin.  The main thoroughfare of Texas is Interstate 35 which runs through the heart of Austin.  Trucks delivering products and perishables to/from Mexico to hubs in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin travel I35 every day.  A typical 18-wheeler Semi-truck can weigh more than 80,000  lbs (fully loaded).   That almost 20 times heavier than the typical vehicle on the road.   As a result of this weight disparity, the injuries our clients have sustained in trucking accidents can be catastrophic and sometimes fatal.

Needless to say, weight, size, and drivability of these big rigs is difficult.  The typical trucking accident is not as simple to handle as a traditional car on car accident.   There are numerous federal and state regulations that govern trucking across the US.  A more extensive investigation takes place in a trucking wreck which can include the conduct of the trucking company, the driver’s training/mental/physical ability, and the maintenance of the truck itself, etc.  One of the first things we do when taking on a trucking accident is immediately send out a preservation letter, commence our investigation, hire experts to be used on the investigation and inspection of the truck and trailer, and begin an accident reconstruction.

Unless you are a personal injury attorney who regularly takes on such cases, do not attempt to handle these trucking cases on your own.  Call Funk & Associates and we would be glad to speak to you about your legal rights.