Mar 28 2016

Uber and Lyft Car Accidents


The Austin, Texas music and technology festival known as South by South West ended recently. People from around the country and the world flooded Austin to learn about new technology and enjoy the great music. I had a chance to attend the festival myself and once it got late I did what most responsible people do now. Instead of calling for a cab, I opened my Uber and Lyft Apps on my smart phone to see which company had the best deal.

On this occasion it was Lyft. I pressed accept on the App and before I knew it my driver was ready to pick me up. My driver was pleasant enough and on this occasion we were talking about Austin traffic. Eventually, our conversation lead to the population growth that Austin is experiencing and how the growth is leading to more car accidents. I got home safe but started thinking about passengers on Uber and Lyft. Being an Austin Texas personal injury attorney myself, I know what to do if an accident happened but what about all the passengers that don’t.

No matter how many cautious drivers Uber and Lyft employ accidents happen. Whether it is the driver’s fault or not passengers can get hurt. This can lead to some confusion. Who do the passengers turn to? Does Uber/Lyft have car insurance? Does it cover the passengers? What happens if the accident is not your driver’s fault and the person at fault doesn’t have car insurance? Can passengers use their own insurance?

Austin personal injury attorneys are here to help with these difficult questions. If you were a passenger on Uber or Lyft and suffered injuries we can help you with all your questions and concerns. Please feel free to call the Austin personal injury lawyers at Funk & Associates.  We have the experience necessary to help you in this difficult time.



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