Many clients come into our office asking for help after a car wreck in Austin.  They want a tough Austin car accident lawyer who will fight for their rights and demand justice for their injuries. 
Our car wreck lawyers fights hard for victims of car accidents in Austin, and that means leaving nothing on the table when it comes to compensating car wreck victims for their injuries.   Often, that includes not only battling the other driver’s insurance company, but also collecting money from our own client’s car insurance policy when available.
Frequently our clients become confused about why their insurance information is requested, and ask questions such as:
Why should my insurance have to pay?
Why are we getting my insurance involved?
The answer is, sometimes a person carries additional coverage known as Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, on their own car insurance policy that can be used to compensate them after their car wreck in Austin.  If you have this coverage on your insurance policy you pay a fee every month to carry it, whether or not you are injured in an Austin car wreck.
PIP is triggered when you are involved in a car accident.  It covers reasonable and necessary medical expenses and up to 80% of lost wages for missed time from work after your Austin car wreck.   Sometimes you can obtain even more than one PIP recovery on a single case. 
The insurance company will do their best to trick you into assigning these PIP benefits away and will even try and reduce the amount they pay out on your PIP claim.
In order to obtain maximum PIP benefits, you need an experienced Austin car accident lawyer to prepare your PIP application and secure your medical records.  The tough car accident lawyers at Funk and Associates are well versed in obtaining maximum PIP benefits for our clients.