What to Do About Swimming Pool Injuries?

Swimming pools have the potential of causing serious injuries or death at home, at the neighbors, or public locations including community centers, apartment complexes, and hotels. The risks are elevated when there is a lack of supervision, no lifeguard on duty or hazards around the pool perimeter.

Pools and Premises Liability

It is the pool owner’s duty to ensure everything has been done to make the swimming pool a fun and safe environment. Removing dangerous objects and clearly marking hazardous areas is also the responsibility of the pool owner. Taking the necessary precautions and hiring trained staff minimizes the potential of being sued for premises liability in the event that someone is seriously injured or dies because of an accident in or around the pool.

Pools & Slip and Fall Accidents

Without proper precaution, the area surrounding the swimming pool can be a dangerous place. The wet surface surrounding the pool can increase potential for a serious slip and fall accident.

The risk of serious injury is usually categorized in two separate ways, including:

  • Shallow Water Accidents – This occurs when an individual dives into the shallow end of the pool and strikes their head against the bottom surface
  • Lack of Supervision – Without a full-time lifeguard or proper supervision, the potential risk of injury or death to swimmers rises significantly.

Most pool accidents will involve drowning, near-drowning and/or spinal cord injuries. Significant brain damage can occur when the victim remains underwater for an extended period.

Pool Safety

Staying safe while at the pool is everyone’s responsibility. It is crucial to learn and practice CPR and other basic lifesaving measures to provide assistance in a pool emergency.

Many slip and fall accidents and drowning involving swimming pools are preventable. Because of that, victims of pool accidents should speak with a personal injury lawyer to see if a claim or suit against the pool owner and their insurance company is necessary. Compensation can include medical bills, pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, and sadly sometimes a wrongful death claim. Our firm, Funk & Associates, deals in swimming pool accidents and can help the victim or surviving family members protect their rights to obtain adequate and fair compensation. If you or a loved one has experienced a swimming pool injury, call Funk and Associates today.