Motorcycle Accidents are becoming an all too common theme in Austin and surrounding counties.  I guess people are starting to realize what a truly wonderful place Central Texas is.  Whether its the scenery, the rallies, or the overall Texas Independence way of mind, Motorcycles are here to stay!

Sadly, due to their size in relation to automobiles, most Motorcycle cases we have handled result in serious injuries.  The most common type of motorcycle accident is an AUTOs Failure to Yield the Right of Way from a Private Drive or Street.  Put simply, any vehicle must yield the right of way to oncoming traffic when exiting a private drive or side street.  Sadly, most drivers are looking for the outline of another vehicle, not the small footprint of a motorcycle.  Other common accidents are when autos violate their lanes and enter into a rider’s lane, usually when the rider was passing or riding in the vehicles blind spot.  Finally, there are the rear-end accidents in which an auto is following too closely and does not have enough time to stop and consequently rear ends the rider.  As all riders know, a helmet is your first line of defense.  Although I don’t agree, I appreciate the freedom of riding helmetless, and for a legal explanation of the same, see the TXDOT page. 

Due to a bike’s lack of protection, these accidents usually result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries.  It is critical that you contact an Austin motorcycle accident attorney right after you have been involved in one of these accidents so we can advise you of your legal rights.  Call us now and speak with an Austin motorcycle accident attorney regarding any and all motorcycle accidents.

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