Do I have a case?

As a personal injury attorney in Austin, TX, one of the most frequently asked questions by prospective clients that call our office is: Do I have a case?


While the particular nuances and facts of each personal injury claim differ substantially from case to case, as a general rule the Austin personal injury lawyers at Funk & Associates typically look for 3 things when evaluating a potential car accident case:


1.) Injury: At Funk & Associates, we are Austin personal injury lawyers. That means we handle injury cases. For the firm to take your case, you must have suffered some sort of injury. If you’re involved in a car wreck in Austin and you have been injured, call us to discuss the case.


2.) Fault: If you are involved in a car accident in Austin, the other driver or other company needs to be at fault in order for you to assert a claim against them. This means that the other driver caused the accident that resulted in your injuries. If you have been involved in a car wreck and believe the other party is to blame, call our Austin personal injury lawyers today.


3.) Coverage: If you have been injured and the other driver is at fault, do they have insurance? If the driver is covered by an insurance policy and is at fault, the insurance company will “step into the shoes” of the driver that caused the accident and pay for their mistake.   In the event that the at fault driver does not have insurance, you may still be able to receive compensation through your insurance if you have Underinsured/Uninsured motorist coverage.


Our Austin personal injury lawyers are experienced in dealing with tricky insurance companies. We negotiate with them on a daily basis. Let the Austin personal injury lawyers at Funk & Associates battle the insurance companies for you.