Whiplash injuries are likely some of the most common form of soft tissue injuries in car accidents. The human head is proportionally heavy when compared to the muscles in one’s neck. When you don’t have the ability to brace yourself for an impact, the sudden forces associated with an auto accident cause the intense head movement known as whiplash. A whiplash is caused when the head is snapped in a direction opposite that of the impact. Many times, the improper use of a head-rest (too high or too low) can cause an exacerbation of the whiplash injuries. Common side effects of whiplash can include headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, numbness, herniations/bulges/or fractures in the neck. The constant nagging of whiplash injuries are a constant reminder of the car accident and contribute to one’s post traumatic stress. If you have experienced whiplash injuries, seek medical attention right away to rule out a more serious underlying injury.

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