Austin’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Austin’s Most Dangerous Intersections


It looks like the weather is finally starting to turn in Austin and we will experience another hot summer. Summer time usually means family vacations, which in turn means more people driving their cars. As we know, Austin is one of the most beautiful cities in Texas and it attracts visitors from around the world.


Recently, The Austin City Council released a report that listed the 5 most dangerous intersections in Austin. As the city attempts to make improvements to these intersections, here  are some helpful tips to stay safe on the road if you travel through these intersections.


The most dangerous intersection in Austin is West Slaughter Lane and Manchaca Road. This intersection is a big four-way stop with traffic lights and all the traffic lights have protected left turn signals. Your friendly neighborhood Austin personal injury lawyer has a theory as to why this is a very dangerous intersection. I think the intersection is dangerous because of people trying to make unprotected left turns. For example, let’s say there is a car waiting to make a left turn;t he driver finally gets a chance to turn left but the protected signal changes, letting the driver know it’s no longer a protected left turn, and makes a left turn anyway. Seconds later, another car crashes into him because the driver making the unprotected left turn did not yield the right of way.


One way to avoid these types of horrible accidents would be to slow down when entering intersections and keep a proper lookout. You never know when someone will decide to jump in the middle of an intersection. Another good pointer is to not take too many risks when it comes to the protected left turns. The protected left turn signals can change suddenly and by squeezing in with an unprotected left turn you not only put yourself in danger but others as well.


The second most dangerous intersection in Austin is Lamar Blvd. and Rundberg Lane. This intersection is just like the one mentioned above; four-way stop with traffic lights controlling traffic. Unprotected left turns are a problem here too, but rear-end collisions could be a problem as well. Think of rush-hour bumper to bumper traffic and, just like in the scenario above, the light changes suddenly. The driver in front suddenly brakes as fast as he can but the car behind him, following too closely, couldn’t break in time and rear-ends the car.


One way to avoid this headache is to give yourself enough space between your car and the car in front. Keeping an assured clear distance will give you enough time to react should something change. You can also do certain things to prevent from being rear-ended. One helpful tip is to tap on the brakes. The brake lights flash and call attention to the driver that’s behind to watch out. Another good tip is to slow down, traveling at a high rate of speed while approaching an intersection is dangerous. By slowing down and giving yourself enough space between vehicles you give yourself a better chance to react and avoid a collision.


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