Dangerous Intersections in Austin

Last week I wrote about the two most dangerous intersections in Austin, TX. There are still two more to discuss. The third most dangerous intersection in all of Austin, according to the Austin City Council, is the intersection of Lamar Blvd. and Parmer Lane.
The intersection of Lamar Blvd. and Parmer lane has a lot in common with the first two intersections. However, this one has special “right-only-lanes” with Yield signs for cars to safely turn right. These lanes cause a lot of rear-end collisions. Usually, what happens in these type of lanes is the first car will Yield to oncoming traffic. Then the second car behind will come to a stop but will also be looking towards oncoming traffic and not pay attention to the fact that the first car is at a standstill. Once the second car sees that the coast is clear as to oncoming traffic, he accelerates and rear-ends the first car. This is one of the most common rear-end collisions that can easily be avoided.
In order to avoid these type of accidents at yield signs, you should keep an assured clear distance from the car in front of you. You should always prioritize what is in front of you vs. yielding to traffic. Finally, if you are the stopped car and first in line, tap on your brakes so that the person has a visual cue to stop.
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