Yanni Funk

Having spent his childhood in Houston watching the Longhorns, the University of Texas at Austin was the ONLY choice for his undergraduate studies. After finishing his Undergraduate Degree in Business (with Honors) in 3 years at UT, Attorney Funk was off to Law School. Attorney Funk attended Vanderbilt Law School in Nashville, Tennessee. After completing his first year of Law School, Attorney Funk took a two year hiatus during which time he lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he developed and later sold a thriving business. Attorney Funk later spent some time working in corporate America where he had an eye opening experience. Corporate America, more specifically Insurance companies, routinely valued profits over the welfare and safety of the “little guy”.

With the urging (and prodding) of his lovely red-head wife, Attorney Funk resumed his legal studies and graduated from Vanderbilt Law School with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence. After spending a short time working at the Tennessee Supreme Court, Attorney Funk was recruited by a prominent personal injury attorney in the Nashville area. Very quickly, Attorney Funk realized that helping the “little guy” achieve justice from Corporate greed was his calling.

Attorney Funk returned to Austin and founded Funk & Associates, an Austin personal injury law firm. Since its founding, Funk & Associates was geared toward one goal: Fight with all you have in order to achieve justice and honor for the little guy against the power and greed of the Insurance Companies and all negligent parties.

Undergraduate Education: University of Texas Business School, Bachelor of Business Administration

Law School: Vanderbilt Law School, Doctorate of Jurisprudence, JD.

Personal – Attorney Funk spends his free time attending his children’s football games, running the trails of our wonderful city, promoting local charities, and spending many weekends at his family ranch in La Grange, Texas.