FAQ: Can You Sue Someone for Killing Your Pet?

If your pet is killed by someone, you can sue. However, the question is, Should you sue? And, will you prevail if you do file a lawsuit? This depends on the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident.

Losing a pet is always difficult, and in the immediate aftermath of the loss, the pet owner may not be able to think clearly. For that reason alone, you should always contact a lawyer to discuss potential claims. A lawyer can evaluate the totality of the situation and offer guidance on if there is a case and how to move forward.

Some of the most common situations that come up in pet litigation are:

  • Someone kills a pet in self-defense, such as if it was attacking them and they feared for their life;
  • Someone intentionally and maliciously kills a pet for seemingly no reason;
  • Someone accidentally kills a pet, such as running them over in their vehicle; or
  • A pet passes away due to some sort of inappropriate veterinary care.

Each of these situations carries different issues and can lead to different types of lawsuits, including civil and/or criminal prosecution. This is why it is very important to speak to a lawyer in Austin if your pet has been injured or killed by someone else.

The lawyers at Funk and Associates can provide you with direction, consoling and advice.