Insurance Adjuster What to Do

What Should I Do If I’m Asked By An Insurance Adjuster To Make A Recorded Statement?

Do not make any statement to an insurance adjuster without your attorney present. You have the right not to give a recorded statement. Additionally, be sure not to sign anything until it is reviewed by counsel.

There are many tricks an insurance adjuster will use during a recorded statement. It is impossible to fall for any of the tricks, if you don’t talk to them at all. Remember, all calls (in Texas) can be recorded whether they tell you they are or not. Your comments can be used against you in future negotiations or brought in at trial as a ‘party admission”.

Be very wary, these adjusters are skilled at “being your friend” until you tell them you deserve real compensation.  I have seen countless tricks used by adjusters over the years, such as: delaying your treatment so that a GAP in your treatment can be used against you; having you go to doctors they approve, and you can imagine what those doctors will say; pressing you to give a statement about your current injuries and then when your pain radiates (moves – which is natural) they will argue that you never mentioned the secondary pain in your initial recorded statement.  Bottom line – Don’t talk to them, they are not your friends.

Contact Funk & Associates immediately after an injury accident and I will personally advise you of your rights.