Mar 20 2017

Why do I refuse to tell my clients how well I did on my other client’s cases?

As you may have seen on other lawyer’s ads, the industry trend is to discuss  past settlements.  The State Bar requires that if a lawyer advertises a settlement/verdict that he/she state clearly the net recovery to the client.

I have NEVER stated past settlements in any of my ads. My refusal to discuss my client’s settlements is twofold:  First, even if a client agrees to it, I believe that a client’s recovery is exactly that, a CLIENT’s recovery.  That recovery is not designed to be shared with the world; and it should definitely not be used by a lawyer to gain future business.  I find it bad form to do so.  Secondly, I believe that advertising my past client’s recoveries raises unwarranted expectations when discussing your own personal accident case.  One case has nothing to do with another.  There are hundreds of variables that go into a fair valuation/settlement of a case.  Some factors include: damage to car, Emergent care, paid and incurred billing (how was the bill paid and by whom), future damages, economic damages, credibility of witnesses, video surveillance, past criminal conduct of both parties, etc, etc., etc.  As you can see, with all these variables, comparing two cases inevitably will result in inequitable comparisons.  Hence, I have never done it  and never will.

Before falling victim, to these enticing TV ads stating that a client received hundreds of thousands of dollars in a car accident settlement, I ask that you consider the points listed above. Thank you all for your continued interests in my blogs about car accidents in Austin.

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