Texas Truck Accidents

Texas truck accidents are a major concern to motorists in Austin. Last year there were over 33,000 Texas truck accidents, many occurring right here in Austin.  If you have been involved in a truck accident in Austin, it is important that you are aware of the process involved in obtaining justice from a reckless truck driver’s insurance company and how that process differs from a regular car accident.

The Accident Investigation: The investigation after a Texas truck accident is very important.  A competent truck accident lawyer is needed to preserve all evidence of the wreck.   After a truck accident in Austin, the vehicles need to be preserved, the roadway must be inspected for tire marks, and accident reports must be obtained.  An Austin truck lawyer and our investigators are vital to the investigation.

The driver, the company, and the insurance:  Who was driving the truck? What company did they work for?  What insurance applies? What about the black box? A truck accident in Austin also requires answering complex coverage questions and locating the responsible company that employed the driver that caused the truck accident.  Was he qualified? What is his driving history? The truck accident attorneys at Funk and Associates are experienced in handling these issues and can help you after you are injured in a truck accident in Austin.

The Injuries: Due to the enormous size and weight of these massive trucks on the road, when you are involved in a truck accident in Austin, victims are usually seriously injured.   Many times the struggle to find adequate medical treatment coupled with the agony of the injuries and the claims process is overwhelming to victims of Texas trucking accidents.  You need an experienced Austin truck accident lawyer on your side.

Funk and Associates will hold reckless truck drivers accountable for injuring innocent motorists in Texas. If you have been involved in a truck accident in Austin, let our attorneys fight for you.  Call now.