What can you do to avoid a car accident?

What can you do to avoid a car accident?

After handling tens of thousands of auto accidents in the Austin area, I will try and offer some advice and suggestions on how to avoid a traffic accident in our busy town.

When entering an intersection, do not assume that a green light means go… Look both ways before passing through the intersection.  We have seen too many families’ lives change when a negligent driver blows through a red light.

When coming to a stop sign, red light, or yield sign, leave at least 3 car lengths in front of you. Once you are stopped, you should be looking in your rear view mirror and anticipating that the person behind you won’t stop.  An old Motorcycle trick is to flash your brake lights (tapping your foot on brake pedal) which signals to the person behind you that you are there.  If the person behind you is coming too fast and it appears that they will not stop in time, you now have the ability to move your car forward and avoid getting rear ended.  I have even honked my horn and moved over to another lane/shoulder to avoid getting rear ended.

Know your own personal and your vehicle’s driving limits. If you have driven sports cars and have even had track time, you may be able to handle a sports car but don’t be foolish enough to think that you can handle a SUV.  SUVs with their high center of gravity pose different challenges and are much harder to stop. You should always be aware of your vehicles, tire tread, tire pressure, type of air (nitrogen or oxygen), shift speeds, GVW, your traction and or lack of traction control, AWD, FWD, RWD, etc.  For example, I have added pressure in tires to counteract my passenger’s weight.  I can tell you when my tires were changed, when they were rotated, and the exact pressure and type of air placed in each one based on the road conditions, weather, and driving habits of my drivers.  Should you be interested, there are numerous driving schools to help you fine tune your driving skills. Knowing how to drive or having a car which is able to be driven does not mean you should drive aggressively or speed on public roadways.  Save the speed and aggressive driving for the track.

If a negligent driver has caused you or your loved ones a serious injury, we are always available to speak with you.  Thanks.  Funk & Associates