What to do after a car accident

You’ve always been a cautious and attentive driver.  You’ve never been involved in an auto accident but now it’s happened.  Now you are one of the 30,000+ people annually in the surrounding Austin area that are involved in a car accident.  Now you are thinking, what do I do?

– The first thing you want to do is to stop your vehicle and try to remain calm. 
– If you are able to safely move your vehicle out of traffic then do so.
– Call 911 and report the accident, the operator can assist you and can dispatch the necessary emergency personnel such as EMS, Police, and Fire Department.
– Check your passengers and yourself for any injuries.
– Only exit the vehicle if the area is safe and doing so would not put you in any additional risk.
– If you are able to safely exit your vehicle, check on the drivers in the other vehicle.
– Take pictures of the scene of the accident including damage to your vehicle, the other vehicles, and any roadway damage you observe.
– Do not rely on the other driver or the emergency personnel to document the scene of the accident for you.
– If the police do not arrive on the scene, exchange information with the other driver but do not argue with them.
– You should get the names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information (including policy numbers, makes, models, and license plates) of all vehicles involved in the accident.
– Get contact information of any witnesses at the scene of the accident.
– Even if you are only mildly injured, seek medical attention. Car crash victims experience a rush of adrenaline which can often mask the pain that they are experiencing, a medical provider will be able to evaluate you and make sure that there are no injuries related to the accident.
– Finally seek representation from a personal injury attorney as< soon as possible.

Every accident is different and a skilled attorney can help you navigate this crisis and relieve the stress and hardship that accompanies a car accident.  The longer you wait to get help, the harder it is for the attorney to provide that help.

If you or anyone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact the skilled personal injury attorneys at Funk & Associates as soon as possible.