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Austin, Texas
Client Letters

Funk & Associates

Personal Injury Lawyers in Austin, Texas

Client Letters

Austin Car Accident Lawyers represent injured clients in Auto Accidents, Truck Wrecks, and other Personal Injury Claims. CALL (512) 472-FUNK

At Funk & Associates of Austin, Texas, we will fight hard on your behalf. As part of our commitment to our clients, our personal injury lawyers always try to respond as quickly and carefully as possible to your legal needs. Whether it be a car wreck, a truck accident, or other personal injuries, we are here to help!  We temper the speed of our service with the need to be thorough. We don’t want just to take care of your legal needs quickly; we want to take care of them correctly. We promise to try to get you the results you need and deserve. This can only be accomplished by having experienced, dedicated personal injury legal professionals on your side.  The website should answer most of your personal injury questions; if you have any more, don’t hesitate to call.

We DO NOT get a fee unless you get a recovery. There is no fee for the consultation with our personal injury attorneys. Our fee is based on a percentage of what we obtain for you. All of the expenses associated with your case, from investigation through trial, are advanced by us, and ONLY in the event of a recovery are CLIENT EXPENSES DEDUCTED FROM THE TOTAL RECOVERY. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining a settlement/verdict, you DO NOT pay us any of the advanced expenses. Client expenses are deducted from the total recovery.

Listing all of my firm’s settlements seems a little braggadocio to me. I believe that my client’s letters regarding our services, serve a more useful tool in helping you understand what we can do for you. The following link to our client letters represent Clients, who just like you, were involved in a car wreck, truck accident, or other personal injuries:  Read letters we have received from our past clients.

CALL NOW, 512-472-FUNK (3865)

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