Dear Yanni
Laura and I would like to thank you for handling our son’s case recently. He was injured in an auto accident but has fully recovered now.
Initially, the other driver’s insurance company tried to stall us, wouldn’t put us in a rental car, and tried to settle for the wholesale price of our totaled car. But, once they heard from you, they changed their tone. Zach received the best care and physical therapy thru Dr. Baker chiropractic, and ultimately a settlement sufficient to make a good down payment on another vehicle. Thank You!!
Throughout this ordeal I found you and your staff most accommodating. Your phones are answered promptly and courteously. My questions were answered quickly and I could always get you on the phone if necessary. Special thanks to Jamie and Pamela too! I would recommend you to my family and friends.
p.s we love your new “old house” office. Very convenient, too


Steven Towler

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