Dangerous Intersections in Austin, Texas

Every day, several auto accidents ranging from minor to major ones take place in different parts of the city. While most auto accidents are not fatal, the majority of them involve some form of injury to the drivers and their passengers and damage to the vehicles.

Most auto accidents happen on highways and at busy intersections in the city. Accidents on highways are usually the result of high speed and reckless driving. Accidents in the city and intersections can be attributed to factors such as inaccurate road signs, poorly placed directions and confusing turn lanes. But most accidents happen due to driving under the influence and careless/reckless/negligent driving.

The following are some of the most dangerous intersections in Austin, Texas:

  • Congress Avenue and Cesar Chavez
  • Koenig and Airport
  • Riverside and Pleasant Valley
  • Riverside and Willow Creek
  • MoPac and Scoffield Ridge
  • 5th St and Lavaca
  • Lamar and St. Johns

Because of the high number of accidents at the above intersections, the Austin Police Department (APD) is constantly monitoring these areas to determine the cause of accidents and to minimize their occurrences. Despite the best efforts of the police, accidents can and do happen every day.  Click on the following link for instructions if you were hurt in an auto accident:

If the accident occurred due to product failure, or negligence of other drivers, or for any other reason that you were not responsible for, then you can seek compensation from the negligent party. Call Funk & Associates and speak with a lawyer to find out how you can get compensated for your injuries.