Hurricane Harvey is causing car accidents in Austin

Hurricane Harvey is causing car accidents in Austin.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall last week and destroyed several cities. As it started moving its way northeast it caused Houston and several of its suburbs to suffer massive floods. People lost their lives and those who survived now face the aftermath. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families who are victims to the flood.

Some might say that Austin was lucky. However, it rained for three days straight. In those three days people were rushing to their local grocery stores to stock up on supplies causing more people to be on the road. We have received hundreds of calls to due to the chaos which resulted  in numerous accidents on our Austin streets.

Due to the downed refineries and choked out supply lines, gasoline stations are feeling the pain.  Worried Austinites are rushing to fill their tanks causing traffic jams around gas stations. Austin already suffers from congestion and now it seems to be worse.  More congestion, more traffic, more frustration usually leads to more car accidents.  Please be careful when driving on our city streets.

If you suffered a car accident and were hurt,  don’t hesitate to call Funk and Associates, Austin’s local car accident injury attorney.