FAQ: If a driver forces me off the road, do I have a case?

There are three main things that make up a personal injury case. Number 1: you are not at fault. Number 2: You suffered an injury. And Number 3: there is some form of insurance to go after to recover your damages. The third factor is the key here. If someone forces you off the road due to their own negligence you may have a case. However, if the other driver flees the scene or escapes with no witnesses present to identify them or the vehicle, you may not have a case. If no insurance on the other vehicle can be found, you may still have an option to pursue your damages under your own policy if you carry uninsured motorist coverage. Contact with your vehicle is usually the key factor but these cases can be complex; if you have been injured by someone who fled the scene, you should contact Funk and Associates immediately to investigate the case.