FAQ: What is my case worth?

This is the magical question, right?

I am probably asked this question no less than twenty times a week. Its a fair question, but sadly does not have a clear answer. Your case is worth as much as I can get for it.

On last count our algorithm had over one hundred variables that determine the value of your case. Here are a few examples of variables that determine the value of your case: damage to your vehicle, your current injuries, your diagnosis, your future prognosis, your pre-existing injuries, your driving record, the defendant’s driving record, any DWI’s in defendant’s past, witness statements, the police report, any video evidence, EMS records, 911 tapes, etc, etc, etc….

Hire the right lawyer and then your only job should be to heal. Let the lawyers at Funk & Associates handle your case so we can take into account all the variables to maximize the value of your case. When you hire us, you are the ultimate boss of your case. We will negotiate an offer and present it to you. You, the client, will make the ultimate decision if to accept the offer.