FAQ: How long do you have to go to the hospital after a car accident?

There is no set requirement for when an individual must go to the hospital after a car accident. While most clients receive immediate hospital treatment due to EMS transportation from the scene of a collision, it is not a requirement in order to have a personal injury case.

Many times, you may be in shock or have a rush of adrenaline after a car accident in Austin, and only after that wears off do you realize you are injured. Some clients will go to the ER immediately, some will go the next day, and still others may go in 2-3 days after a car wreck. The most important thing to remember is: if you are injured or are in pain due to a collision, get evaluated by a medical doctor immediately.

The insurance company will always claim you are not hurt if you have not sought treatment. If you are in pain, allow a medical doctor to create a written record of your injuries and symptoms, this way the insurance company cannot claim you were not hurt due to lack of treatment.