FAQ: How long does this process take?

Every case is different. Some cases come to us after the person as already healed and is ready to settle the case. These cases can be completed in a few weeks after we begin the negotiation with the insurance company. Other cases require complex surgery and recovery and may require a lawsuit which can take more than two years to conclude.

But the typical soft tissue car wreck case’s time frame is as follows: You get in a car wreck on day one and are rushed to the Emergency Room via Ambulance. You call Funk & Associates that same day or within a few days. Its important to call us right away and not speak with the insurance adjuster. We sign you up to a contingency contract; that means we do not get a fee unless you get a recovery. Next, if your physician deems it appropriate we can help you find follow up care with any of the following providers: General Practitioners, Specialists, Orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, Physical Therapists, radiologists for Xrays, MRIs, or CTs, surgery centers, and general surgeons. These providers will either take your health insurance, or accept a Letter of Protection from our office, which is basically a letter in which we promise to repay the medical provider out of the settlement proceeds.

Assuming that your injuries only require chiropractic care for soft tissue injuries, your chiropractic care will usually take six weeks (on average) to conclude. During your treatment, our medical team is ordering all your past medical records and bills. Once the final physician states that you have reached MMI (Maximum medical Improvement) we assemble a demand package which goes out to the insurance company. This comprehensive demand package includes an analysis of the accident and the laws that were violated within the transportation code, possibly photos of your injuries, sometimes a driving history record for the at fault party, police reports, investigative reports, all medical records with a corresponding medical analysis, all medical bills, etc, etc. etc. Depending on the insurance company, we usually settle 95% of our cases within 30-90 days after the demand goes out. So the bottom line: on a soft tissue case it typically takes 6 weeks for your body to heal, 2-3 weeks to get the final medical records, and roughly 6-18 additional weeks to settle the case. (Total 4-6 months on average) Some cases cannot be settled, as an insurance company could deny liability or their offer could be unacceptable to you. Our next step is usually a court battle. Your typical case which has to be filed in the courts usually takes 1-2 years to see a final conclusion. Five percent of all our cases are filed in the courts and we settle over 80% of those cases usually through mediation. Remember, 95% of all our cases are never filed and settle pre-suit.

Please note that every case is different. So many factors determine the length of time it takes to conclude your case. The aforementioned illustrations is only provided as an example of a typical soft tissue, non surgical case. All cases are different and result vary. The time frame varies greatly. We have settled completed cases within days of sign up and we have handled a complex legal battle for over a five year period. Like all great legal answers, IT DEPENDS!