FAQ: My Neighbor’s Dog Killed My Cat. What Are My Options?

If your cat has been injured or killed by a dog, you may be entitled to compensation. Often times when a cat is attacked by a dog, there are expensive veterinary bills that result. These can mount up fast depending on the severity of the attack. If the cat dies, the emotional toll may also be heavy on the cat owner. However, cats, like other animals, are deemed property under Texas law, so the damages you may recover are different than if the dog had attacked you personally. This is why you should consult with a lawyer if your cat is killed by a dog.

Dog owners are responsible for their pets. If the dog is owned by someone and it is not a stray, you may be able to file a lawsuit or make a civil claim against the individual dog owner for the actions of their dog. A civil claim will allow you to collect compensation for vet bills, and the replacement value of your cat. In addition, a lawyer may be able to help you hold the dog owner accountable for the dog’s actions. A lawyer can advise you on all the appropriate damages for your particular case, so call Funk and Associates now if your pet has been injured or killed.